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Money-Honey Matters | September 16, 2009

One thing that I often heard when my friends were talking about their admirers…

“He is a nice guy, but heck, he never ever pay for our date. I have always been having to pay for myself”.


“He is nice, but stingy”

Yes, indeed. Girls take money matter as a consideration when she is considering you to be her couple. This issue, has (according to my own observation) created the image of ‘girls are materialistic’.


I know guys who say this bluntly in front of me :

“what girls see in a man is his ability in earning money”


“do not deny it, when we got the money, we got the girl”.

Aiseh girls… aren’t we being seen like we could be bought by money?

Yeah OK la, there are girls who prefer money over anything else, and I won’t deny it, the ability of a man in earning money is one of the main consideration when we are choosing a prospective couple. Anyhow, we wouldn’t date a beggar or a guy who can’t even make a living for himself rite? Money do matters, because we live in a world that needs money for almost everything. Quoting my friend “Money can’t buy love, but money can make the love waaayy sweeter”. Quoting another friend, “Love without money will go bitter”. Lol. I actually laughed when they uttered this to me. I found it funny, though I know that it is the reality of the real life.

For me, girls consider money matters for 2 main reasons :

1. It shows the responsibility of the man.

When he can earn money for his living, means he is responsible for himself. Come on now, girls (especially in the age range of 25-28) get into a relationship with a marriage at mind. They will not, choose a guy who doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a will to get a job, doesn’t want to think on how to get a living. He can’t even support himself not to mention supporting a family. Getting into a relationship with this kind of guy….. means creating problems for yourselves.

2. Girl’s sentiment, the willingness of the guy spending on her shows how much that guy care and appreciate her

For this second reason… no matter how people would judge that girls only measuring love through the guy money spending (thus make them seen as materialistic), it happens on most girls’ mind consciously or not.

Girls do feel appreciated, valued highly, cared for, when the guy is willing to spend on her. Probably (upon my own observation, again) it is caused of guys’ main attention will only diversed between girls and money. So, when they would like to give up some money on the girl, the girl feels more appreciated that she actually won over the money (my own assumption :p)


Ask some random girls on the street, I can give you at least 90% warranty that you’ll get these 2 answers from the girls when you ask them of : ‘why girls ‘demand’ the guys to pay for her and for the date’. Hold it, when I typed pay for her, I did not mean pay them in any kind of prostitution terms, ok? :p

Money matters… could you blame the girls upon their reasons above?


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